Air Over Hydraulic Presses and Cylinders

Air over hydraulic (air over oil) cylinders, combines the advantages of efficient, low cost pneumatics, to achieve the large output forces associated with hydraulics. The system operates on normal compressed air pressure of 72 psi (5 bar), using standard pneumatic controls, thus completely eliminating the use of expensive hydraulic power pack and associated control equipment.

The system consists of a hydraulic cylinder, an air to oil intensifier and an oil reservoir, all combined into a compact integral unit. The output ram approaches the work piece at rapid speed (which can be adjusted) under low pressure (hence low force) compressed air. On touching the work piece (at any point along the travel) the intensifier is automatically energized by means of a suitable directional control valve. This results in a high pressure (hence high force) stroke up to a maximum of 24 mm.


Air over hydraulic (air over oil) cylinders save 30 -60% in energy costs, compared to mechanical, hydraulic even other hydropneumatic presses.

If an application is using hydraulic or pneumatic presses or cylinders for loads of up 50 MT then substituting hydropneumatic presses or cylinders is an easy decision.  Payback is usually within a year or two and from then on out energy savings are achieved with every stroke.

Besides, air over hydraulic (air over oil) presses and cylinders cost substantially less than comparable hydraulic presses and cylinders.

Other Highlights

Lean Manufacturing

The low price of air over hydraulic (air over oil) cylinders as compared to hydraulic, servo or mechanical presses makes them ideal for implementation in a lean manufacturing environment.  Job shops and High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) factories struggle with Lean or Cellular manufacturing implementation because of the capital cost implications of having machines sitting idle in cells rather than manufacturing products. Air over hydraulic (air over oil) cylinders now offer companies a low-cost and energy efficient system that reduce the capital cost barriers to a Lean journey.

Companies using air over hydraulic cylinders

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