Automation Systems

There is some debate in the industry as to whether lean manufacturing and automation are at odds with each other.  The conventional wisdom is that one of the major sources of waste in a manufacturing system is over-production, hence adding automation would tend to favor over-production.  However, intelligent and data-driven analysis of manufacturing processes could suggest the need for automation.  Automation just for the sake of automation, without regard to the manufacturing system as a whole, is short-sighted and would most certainly impact the bottom line figures of a P&L statement as a net negative instead of having a favorable impact, as any cost-saving, process-improvement exercise should.

Patrick Waurzyniak, senior editor of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) magazine has an excellent discussion and review of how flexible automation systems, when incorporated with the proper process analysis, can further lean manufacturing initiatives.

We provide our customers with access to lean automation systems designed and built by engineers in North America as well as in India.  We utilize the best of both worlds.  The benefits of globalization allow us access to low cost manufacturing centers that are directed by US designers and engineers to come up with a turnkey automation solution for our customers.  Implementation and support are provided out of our facility in Indianapolis.

Our US partners can also provide state-of-the-art tooling to address any manufacturing problem being encountered by our customers.

We highlight below some of the examples of the automation systems and tooling that our partners have designed and built.

Automation Systems

Automated steering rack straightener:

Automated shaft straightening machine:

Laser base, automated button sorting machine:

Multi-spindle tapping machine:

Multi-spindle drilling machine:

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We work with partner companies in US to provide tooling solutions for any fabrication application.