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The purchasing power of the upwardly mobile, middle-class Indian consumers with a thirst for Western brands and goods is now common knowledge. McKinsey (The ‘Bird of Gold’: The Rise of India’s Consumer Market) projects India as becoming the 5th largest consumer economy by 2025 (up from the current level of 12th place) with almost 600 million middle class consumers.

Chiketa can help you grow your top line numbers by increasing your sales through access to the Indian consumer market.
The burgeoning Indian market is not only limited to the vast consumer base with its increasing purchasing power. Since the onset of liberalization in 1991 and the tearing down of the Soviet style protectionist and socialist economy, there has been a tremendous growth in the various industrial sectors, such as infrastructure, green energy, manufacturing modernization, automotive and consumer capital goods and electronics industries and so on.

Chiketa can help you explore the Indian markets and make an entry into India to tap into this market that likes and prefers Western products, services, trends, gadgets, ideas and innovations. Click here to learn more.
Chiketa acts on behalf of Western clients, in India, to conduct business, related to the sales, servicing, in-country manufacturing, etc. as required.

We specialize in the analytical instrumentation market in India. Our Director of India Sales is a respected and renowned expert in creating markets for new technology products and building highly motivated efficient teams. His professional experience, prior to joining Chiketa, has been in three renowned companies, i.e. Toshniwal – Chemito, Varian Inc. and Agilent Technologies.
Our sales and marketing team in India is well conversant in the technologies, market segments and have a host of high-level contacts in the areas of academia, pharmaceuticals, biotech, food industries, chemical technologies, petrochemicals – Oil & Gas, Material Science, etc..

This industry-specific experience allows for a ready access to Indian markets.