Phoenix Manufacturing Systems

Shrinking profit margins for manufacturing companies in the US have been and will continue to be a major challenge.   To overcome this trend they have to analyze the drivers to these reduced margins on P&L statements and minimize or eliminate them.   However the resources needed for that effort not only take away from the day-to-day running of manufacturing operations but also adds further pressure to the already slim profit margins.

Phoenix Manufacturing Systems, LLC, has and continues to build a network of highly skilled partner companies who are specialized in niche aspects of manufacturing systems.  We use our extensive experience in manufacturing to co-ordinate these resources for our customers to come up with a comprehensive answer to improve their bottom line margins.   Through this network we have many vital areas of manufacturing systems covered.

Our work is done with minimal investment of the customer’s time or resources.  Customers don’t have to approach and vet multiple suppliers who have their own vested interests, namely sale of their own products.  Phoenix Manufacturing Systems manages and controls these diverse interests by ensuring that customer’s underlying needs are always in focus and that the derived solution is practical, cost effective and above all, in the best interest of the customer.

Listed below are some of the areas we work in.


Automation, implemented blindly without consideration of the entire manufacturing system can lead to other problems such as overproduction.  It is imperative that manufacturing companies, especially cash-strapped, small, mid-sized ones, are not persuaded into pursuing automation solutions as the panacea for their problems without a data-driven needs analysis.

Phoenix Manufacturing Systems management has had extensive experience setting up Lean Manufacturing systems.  Customers will get the best advise and recommendations based on sound lean principles.

We have partner companies in the midwestern US and India who can provide cost effective automation solutions for customers.


Phoenix Manufacturing Systems assists customers in their specific purchasing needs either from suppliers in North America or Asia.

Contact us for your specific purchasing needs.

We work with a partner company, Breakout Solutions, LLC, also based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that works to strengthen internal processes providing a strong value proposition for their clients.

They offer a service spectrum targeting Strategic Sourcing, Purchasing, Supply Chain Management as well as various Training programs.

HSE Compliance

Health and Safety is an extremely vital aspect of a manufacturing system.  Laws and regulations are constantly changing and staying up to date and in compliance is a challenge even for the most conscientious and diligent of companies.

We offer a solution, in collaboration with a partner company, that specializes in identification, assessment, control, and measurement of Occupational Health & Safety risk. With an expert team of Certified Safety Professionals, they can help your firm create and implement a risk-based safety management system and formulate effective solutions to your workplace safety challenges.

As the only firm to offer a patent-pending assessor tool and methodology, our partner company is uniquely qualified to help our customers move from a traditional, reactive safety program approach, to a proactive, risk-based system that is designed to continuously reduce occupational risk and control hazards.