Global Strategic Sourcing Consulting

Global strategic sourcing is one of our key competencies. For the past 20+ years, we have performed hundreds of strategic sourcing consulting projects in precision engineered manufactured products, with positive outcomes and great ROIs for our customers. We apply our process expertise to transform your approach to global sourcing, identify opportunities, and unlock value across your supply chain, driving exceptional returns with payback times usually measured in months.

As a competent strategic sourcing consultant, we know global sourcing is a challenge hindering most firms from attaining their growth and revenue potential. A flawed strategy to overcome this challenge involves constantly upgrading systems and overhauling processes. However, most companies do not value such investments because they do not benchmark against the industry’s best practices. We help you align your procurement strategy with the over business strategy for better ROI.

Global Strategic Sourcing for Business Success

Strategic sourcing is at the heart of purchasing and supply management. It is a complicated business process that demands comprehensive knowledge and expertise. At CP Global sourcing, we make global strategic sourcing one of your competitive advantages. High-performing firms leverage strategic sourcing to a much greater extent and have a documented strategic sourcing strategy compared to their average-performing competitors.

We have a proprietary process that we can apply to practically every notable expenditure area for manufacturing companies. CP Global Consulting has sourced stanchions and ADA gates for Gaga ball pits, automated assembly machines , and hundreds of engineered products. We can handle your most complex strategic sourcing needs and assist with complex buy analyses. Also, for traditional indirect expenditure areas like shipping, short-term labor, and telecommunications, we provide comprehensive benchmarks, in-house built analytics tools, and additional expertise gained from global sourcing for hundreds of small and medium manufacturing clients across the United States and other industrialized nations.

Global Strategic Sourcing

After linking your experience and insights with our expertise and strategic partnerships, we implement our process, analyzing your sourcing needs, and identifying key opportunities to create more value for your organization. Our strategic sourcing process begins with data analysis and usually involves hands-on discussions with suppliers. We support you in implementing new supply agreements that result in and provide the foundation for ongoing world-class partnerships. We understand that suppliers are critical to every business; integrity is an integral component of our sourcing process. CP Global Sourcing’s objective is to guarantee fair treatment of suppliers and strategic relations are preserved and even improved through our process.

Low-Cost Country Strategic Sourcing

At CP Global Sourcing, we are always looking for alternatives to be more competitive in global sourcing. We understand the opportunity offered by and the consequent value obtained from low-cost country sourcing (LCCS). Therefore, we help small and medium manufacturing companies earn about 30 percent savings by helping you find suppliers in low-cost countries such as India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and so on.

Our Strategic Sourcing Process

After gaining a thorough knowledge of your current procurement practices, we help you assess your strategic procurement opportunities for enhanced performance. Working with your procurement team, we typically

  • Analyze your sourcing needs to understand your unique position
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Develop control systems
  • Implement strategic sourcing strategies

Sourcing Strategies and Needs Analysis

Our strategic procurement process begins with an analysis of your present sourcing needs and practices. Our sourcing consultants review how your company develops sourcing strategies, selects suppliers, negotiates, places orders, and controls supplier performance. Finally, we do a supply chain value stream mapping to learn your:

  • Workflows
  • Lead times
  • Departmental functions and dependencies
  • Cycle times

Additionally, we analyze your company’s strategic procurement metrics to ascertain how well they align with the key business performance drivers and the overall business plan.

Identifying Procurement Improvement Opportunities

After identifying the strategic sourcing performance challenges that need to be solved, our sourcing consultants work with your team to enhance your procurement processes. Also, our team helps you to develop and perfect supply chain management and procurement planning.

Developing Sourcing Control Systems

After identifying areas that need improvement, we help you develop operating checklists that track indicators, such as purchase price fluctuations, supplier performance, schedule fulfillment, and product quality. Tracking these indicators ensures that strategic sourcing practices become a norm in the organization.

Implementation and Sustainability

CP Global Sourcing works hand in hand with your procurement managers to implement the changes. Inevitably, without implementing proper control policies and adopting new behaviors, performance improvements are usually short-lived. Therefore, to ensure these changes are sustainable, we equip your leadership with the coaching, training, and tools needed to drive high performance in procurement while keeping the team aligned with your company’s strategic goals and plans.

To know more about our strategic sourcing consulting services and our solutions for different business needs such as enterprise risk management, strategic cost management, business process automation, Lean Six Sigma implementation, and more, book a free consultation.