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Automation Systems

Chiketa Phoenix is a full-service automation systems integrator providing turnkey automation solutions to small and medium manufacturing companies across the United States. Our expertise includes design and implementation of solutions with manufacturing information systems and robotic systems.

Product Sourcing – India and China

A decade before it was in vogue to seek a China-alternative, I was advocating a Plan B for companies sourcing from China.  People tend to forget that it takes months to get a new product developed in Asia, especially India.   The devil is in the process details.  Been there done that.

Affordable Custom Automation

Developing custom automation in China was an interesting challenge. The capabilities of the Chinese machine builders are boundless. My team and I had to work through many issues before finally figuring out an optimum and effective process. The cost savings is incredible.

Engineering Support Services – India, Europe and USA

India has always been the go-to country for IT, CAD and other support services like China has been for goods.  My team in India and partner companies have been able to get a lot done in delivering Engineering support services.  Recently I have been developing a Western Europe network.

Low Cost Cookstove

This project was one of our highlights in terms of social impact.  Brice Hoskin, a successful entrepreneur and inventor came to us looking to develop a low cost, collapsable stove.  His intention was to create a stove that would be inexpensive and easy to ship to disaster areas.

Stanchions and ADA Gate for Gaga Ball Pits

This was, in the end, another heartwarming project as we were able to see the joy in the ultimate end users.  The concept was presented to us practically as a back of a napkin sketch.  Rahul designed the initial stanchions and then it was improved upon over several versions until we arrived at the version that is on the market.

Top 10 Most Promising Sourcing Providers

Chiketa was listed in the Top 10 Most Promising Sourcing Service Providers in the Jan 2018 issue of Silicon India. Incidentally, Chiketa can be found on the first page of a Google search of the words - sourcing India. 

Automated Assembly Machines

Assembly operations are the most likely areas in a shop floor that are not automated.  The main reasons for that are their complexity and expense.  Manufacturing companies find that it is easier to have humans continue to assemble parts. ​We were able to leverage the incredible advantages of global sourcing to design and develop assembly automation machines.

Air Over Hydraulic Presses

We worked with Unipunch to assist them in upgrading their press capabilities.  The resulting product looks significantly better than what they had been using and is a faster and more reliable design.  Here again, we leveraged our global sourcing network to assist Unipunch to get a cost-effective product.