Rahul Sarkar

Small Medium Manufacturing Operational Excellence

Small Medium Manufacturing Operational Excellence

I have worked with hundreds of small, medium manufacturing (SMM).

I focus on SMM’s because I feel that they are the vital backbone of any countries’ economy, yet extremely neglected and left to fend for themselves. Big consulting houses, on the other hand, tend to bypass SMM’s. Even if they do work with SMM’s, they end up making you feel helpless at solving your own problems and perceive the need for their “higher” intelligence. More confusion – more profits! That is their mantra. The more confused and overwhelmed you are, the more you “need” them; they profit. Not you.

On the other hand, I have always held the belief and pledge; you profit before us.
Additionally, we feel the solutions are very simple. You just need some Clarity in ManufacturingTM vision for action.

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