Project Management Consulting Services

CP Global Sourcing provides project management (PM) consulting services to small and medium manufacturing companies to help them maximize business value throughout the whole enterprise. Our strategic planning services have successfully helped manufacturers enhance project profitability, reduce procurement costs, deliver products on-time, and manage limited resources. We offer integrated project management tools, and our team focuses on project control across every stage and process within the project life-cycle.

Manufacturing projects are challenging, time-sensitive, and demand close inspection and expert oversight to succeed in rapidly changing and highly-driven environments. Applying our proven solutions, the CP Global Sourcing team will help your project team evaluate project timelines and dependencies, develop accurate schedules for every phase, and identify supply chain challenges. All this by leveraging a tested strategy to manage your manufacturing project successfully.

Small and Medium manufacturing companies face numerous challenges while implementing projects in today’s cost-conscious and consumer-driven environment. Testing and quality control are the critical factors to success for manufacturing projects, and most challenges faced by small and medium manufacturing companies are associated with the two elements. Accurately determining the timelines for the two exercises is critical when planning a project. However, accurate forecasting is a challenge for most manufacturers. Our team offers help in these areas because it has experience and expertise performing similar tasks.

Project Management

Project Management for Small and Medium Manufacturing Companies

CP Global Sourcing consultants use a proven Project Management strategy to help small and medium manufacturing complete manufacturing projects. We will help you:
Achieve project goals within the budget: Our world-class project management solutions help manufacturers complete projects on time while efficiently using provided resources.
Improve project Team collaboration: We put in place strategies to better manage human resources across competing projects, reduce team conflicts, and promote positive team behavior. CP Global Consulting helps enterprises to manage project teams.
Align projects with strategic business priorities: Our team will help you effectively communicate and prioritize strategic objectives. We will help you implement projects that deliver improved outcomes, aligned with the overall business strategy. Best-in-class project management requires organizations to have structures that support project work and channel resources to profitable projects that boost revenue and profits.
Understand your teams’ aptitude for innovation: More projects, coupled with vague priorities, will present new and avoidable challenges to any change initiatives in an organization. In extreme cases, it can derail them. Our team carries out an audit of your firm’s current project management processes and corporate culture to identify gaps so that we can deploy a faster, leaner, and highly efficient strategy.

Project Management Team

Our project management team has successfully managed manufacturing projects of different sizes, from large-scale projects to small projects. Whether saving a manufacturing project that is off-schedule or developing strategies for future project management success, our team has the expertise and experience to get you there. GP Global consulting experts can jump in at any stage of the project’s life cycle, and get it completed, the right way!

We know that every manufacturer has a distinct corporate culture, different capabilities, and works differently; thus, we customize our project management plan accordingly.

Our team understands that every project should ultimately provide value for your business; therefore, we employ a holistic approach. We help you to also realize the overall value of the project to the organization. We expertly design our entire PM plan to guarantee the right choices concerning project expenses, expectations, objectives, and management support. With numerous years of experience as project management consultants, we will help you achieve success.

CP Global Sourcing Project Management Services

  • Global Strategic Sourcing
  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting
  • Business Process Automation
  • Shop Floor Integration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Contract Management
  • Process Design and Layout
  • Project Close-Out