Supply Chain Management for Manufacturing Companies

Having an effective supply chain is a critical factor of every successful business, but supply chain management for small and medium manufacturers is incredibly vital.

Time and money are critical success factors in supply chain management for manufacturing companies. Though they are equally crucial for different other enterprises, as well, effective use of time and money by manufacturers is very significant. A single mistake or delay can cost the business thousands or millions of dollars in revenues and profits.

CP Global consulting helps small and medium manufacturers avoid costly or time-consuming errors by streamlining their supply chain management (SCM). We assist you in streamlining processes that transform your supply chains to be efficient. Our supply chain planning and management solutions help small and medium manufacturers work seamlessly with suppliers to boost revenue and profits. We work with our clients to design and implement effective operating strategies by drawing knowledge from business, marketing, procurement, and IT expertise.

Simplify your supply chain management by hiring us to handle all facets of the supply chain.

supply chain management

Customized Supply Chain Management Solutions

We provide solutions that guarantee products get delivered from suppliers on-time and to specifications. We solve supply chain difficulties that cause loss of revenue and client frustrations. Our team understands that every manufacturer meets different challenges. We provide customized supply chain management solutions to each client.

Supply Chain Planning

We help small and medium manufacturers customize their supply chain planning processes to make better decisions that adapt to demand fluctuations. We help clients to manage the risks of supply chain disruption. CP Global Consulting solutions include; supply forecast modeling and analytics, demand planning, and trade promotion management.

Supply Chain Design

In a rapidly changing world, full of uncertainty, small and medium manufacturers have a challenge balancing flexibility with efficiency. We review existing strategies and processes and do impact analysis on KPI’s and costs. We do supplier network performance analysis and design a supply chain management plan that is sustainable.


Our team identifies current procurements inefficiencies and then works to unlock the opportunities in your supply chain processes. We offer valuable insights, insightful advice, and customized solutions.

Low-cost country sourcing

Supported by knowledge and experience, our Low-cost country sourcing leverages the low-cost marketplace to grow revenue and profits and increase overall quality and efficiency.

Global Strategic Sourcing

By blending clients’ experience with our expertise, CP Global Consulting helps small and medium manufacturers transform their global sourcing strategies to increase efficiencies and boost earnings.

At CP Global Sourcing, we understand the procurement challenges that small and medium manufacturers face and the value of designing an efficient supply chain management strategy. With a focus on helping you gain clarity in manufacturing, our team makes decisions and implements process improvements to boost your revenue and profits. As an experienced supply chain planning and management consultant, we help you eliminate inefficiencies in your supply chain, increase productivity, and reduce costs. We have knowledge and experience in supplier relationship management, enterprise risk management, strategic cost management, and business process automation. We are the partner you are looking for to transform your manufacturing business.

If you are ready to improve your supply chain management, contact our team at CP Global Sourcing for more information on how we can help.